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André Vuurboom
Managing Director at CloudGear
With NovoServe as its hosting supplier, CloudGear can focus on its core services. NovoServe is the reliable partner of CloudGear!

Data Center Doetinchem (DCD)

Our data center located in Doetinchem is a TIER III data center with a capacity of 120 19″ cabinets.

Data Center Twente (DCT)

Just 46 km from Doetinchem we have our Data Center Twente, located in Enschede. It’s a TIER II data center with a capacity of 36 19″ cabinets.


To help you reach your business goals, NovoServe makes smart use of the fact it privately owns two data centers. That’s why we can offer a couple of unique services:

  • IP-routing
  • Twin (or more) data center solutions
  • Want to keep your data or IP’s online and as safe as possible? Let NovoServe be your failover location, even for BGP, or your back-up storage location. Reliable, high uptime and safe from natural disasters.
  • We work together with multiple exchanges, such as NDIX, to provide fiber connections to businesses. This might catch your interest if you’d like to keep your business’ private data away from the open internet. We connect your business directly over a private Gigabit connection to your dedicated servers and VPS’s at NovoServe.
  • Managed Services and tailor-made solutions, directly from the source

Challenge us to work out a plan that is completely tailored to your needs. Call us on +31 (0) 88 668 62 40 or send an email to sales@novoserve.com.