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Founded in 2015, NovoServe is an international, cross-border Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider with scalable and ISO 27001-certified as well as ISO certification pending data center presence in the Netherlands and Germany. NovoServe’s engineering teams are focused on serving service providers, resellers and end user clients with the latest, proven hosting technologies available. The company’s services include dedicated servers, virtual servers (VPS hosting), managed services, and more.


“After acquiring global security provider Avira’s data center in Doetinchem and Dutch Internet pioneer IAF including its data center in Enschede, NovoServe has almost doubled its organic year-over-year IaaS revenue growth.”

Rolf Brodbeck, Chairman of the Board at NovoServe

NovoServe’s engineering roots go back to the early days of the Internet, with Dutch Internet pioneer Internet Access Facilities (IAF) being acquired by NovoServe in 2016. At the same time, NovoServe acquired sister company Twents Datacentrum (TDC) with its data center located in Enschede, while later on NovoServe incorporated a data center in Doetinchem that was acquired from global Internet security company Avira.

European reach

The company’s founder, Herke Plantenga, is a successful serial entrepreneur who previously co-founded Virtu Secure Webservices B.V. – a high growth data center services company with three data centers in the Netherlands that was acquired by Equinix in 2008. Backed by venture capital including participation from German management and investment company BE Beteilungen GmbH, NovoServe is aiming at further international expansion in Europe and beyond.

As NovoServe has raised equity participation from BE Beteiligungen GmbH, the company is being supported by capital from the European Investment Fund (EIF). The EIF promotes European Union (EU) objectives such as innovation, research and development, entrepreneurship, economic growth and employment. Part of BE Beteiligungen’s invested capital is provided by EIF. For further information, visit: www.eif.org.

Custom Engineering

Create your ultimate user-specific setup

Curiosity is the engine of NovoServe’s engineering capabilities. Our engineers are passionate about selecting the best technologies and exploring an optimal custom setup with RAM, cores and CPUs being aligned.

Owned Datacenters

Benefit from our solid DC knowledge

Acquired from global antivirus provider Avira and Dutch Internet pioneer IAF, NovoServe has two owned data centers available in the Netherlands, next to its ISO 27001 certified facility in Frankfurt.

Venture Capital Backed

Be assured of a trusted IaaS partner

With an invested capital totaling more than 60 million euros, BE Beteilungen GmbH is a shareholder and part of NovoServe’s board. For customers it implies business continuity while further enhancing economies of scale.

Our headquarters

Cross-border presence and global reach

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Our history

NovoServe’s Internet roots


2,000 dedicated servers under management

NovoServe now has 2,000 dedicated servers under management for clients worldwide, while the number of virtual servers running exceeds 30,000 servers. With CSPs, MSPs, VARs and others selecting NovoServe for its excellent IaaS engineering capabilities against competitive price levels, the company’s year-over-year growth rate has nearly doubled.


NovoServe partners with venture capital firm

Private equity fund BE Beteiligungen GmbH participates in NovoServe while taking seat in the company’s Management Board. BE Beteiligungen’s management partner Rolf Brodbeck becomes Chairman of the Board at NovoServe, while investment analyst Manuel Apholz strengthens NovoServe’s management team as Board Member.


NovoServe acquires IAF and Avira Data Center

NovoServe makes its first acquisitions. The company takes over Internet Access Facilities B.V. including their data center in Enschede, as well as security company Avira’s data center in Doetinchem. With these owned data centers and strengthened engineering capabilities, NovoServe as an IaaS provider now is ready for accelerated further growth.


IaaS hosting provider NovoServe founded

In 2015, Herke Plantenga establishes a new company – NovoServe B.V., headquartered in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. The company’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio and engineering capabilities seem to cater to the needs of clients worldwide from day-1. NovoServe is focused on delivering bare metal dedicated servers as well as virtual servers with a competitive price/performance ratio, while putting lots of emphasis on highly customized engineering design options.


Commissioning IAF DC (now NovoServe DCT)

Acquired by NovoServe in 2016, IAF B.V. with its data center services sister company Twents Datacentrum (TDC) in Enschede, the Netherlands, became one of the most modern full service ISPs in the Eastern part of the Netherlands at the border with Germany. IAF even constructed its own fiber network in the Enschede Business & Science Park where the data center with high-availability features is located.


NovoServe’s Internet roots run even deeper

Acquired by NovoServe in 2016, Internet Access Facilities (IAF) B.V. was initially founded as Internet Access Foundation, an NGO so to say and an ISP pioneer on the European market. Internet Access Foundation was established as an extension to the early-day Internet infrastructure development efforts in the United States.