NovoServe is a rapidly growing web and server hosting company with two privately owned data centers. We’re a merger of very experienced companies, equipped with expert people who are excited about their work, and run by management that has over 18 years of experience in the hosting and data center industry.

The knowledge and experience within the company itself go even back to 1992! This means that our experience taught us how to stay ahead of changing markets, and to adapt to harsh circumstances like the Dot-com bubble or financial crises. With NovoServe, your data and continuity are safe.


Infrastructure supports businesses and their growth far better when people are excited to work on it as partners, every single day.

We work together with each of our clients to create the best individual solutions. Every solution is perfectly adapted to the company’s needs. NovoServe has a team of highly trained engineers – experts who are excited to work on your infrastructure and who will make sure your hosting and servers will run smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects, performance or continuity.

Combining our infrastructure and services is the perfect match for your business. Include our redundant network and redundant power supply, and you can now fully concentrate on your core business.

NovoServe, excited to work on your infrastructure, every single day.


Advantages NovoServe

  • Twin (or more) data center solutions and custom solutions, like BGP services combined with virtual servers
  • Data centers in the Netherlands, meaning location above sea level and all advantages of Dutch laws and legislation
  • Solutions based on your needs
  • Long history, thus a lot of experience
  • Enthusiastic team of experts
  • IP routing
  • Reliable partner
  • Best advice and support
  • Personal approach


History NovoServe

  May 25th 1977  
    Premier Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope
Initiators of ‘Stichting Internet Access Foundation’ set their minds and actions to making basic internet services accessible for small businesses    
    English scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web
Stichting Internet Access Facilities is founded (‘Internet Access Facilities Foundation’) -at first called Stichting InterAccess- on July 7th by a couple of private persons in the USA, to make an alternative internet infrastructure in Europe. It was an NGO    
    Doom is released
Stichting InterAccess changes their name to Stichting Internet Access, gaining publicity under the name Internet Access Foundation or IAF.
At that moment in time, we still had 14k4 modem, dial-up connections and file transfer via UUCP
  Oct 1994  
    IAF gaines the ability to connect their very own hosts to the internet
PlayStation game console is being released in Japan    
    Dot-com bubble
Founding of Hubris Nederland (focus on hosting and domain name registration)    
  July 4th 1997  
    First operational rover on another planet (Mars) – Mars Pathfinder
Internet Access Facilities B.V. (IAF) is established out of Stichting Internet Access Facilities (‘Internet Access Facilities Foundation’)    
    Founding of CleanPort (managed email filtering)
Hubris Nederland becomes ISP Services (focus of the expansion lies on Service Providers and infrastructure)    
  July 2003  
    The Tesla company is founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning
IAF doubles their number of racks    
    IAF moves to an office building on the Marssteden in Enschede. A close cooperation with Polyware (supplier of multiple kinds of Linux systems) is being set up. IAF and Polyware come up with their very own Linux distribution, based on Red Hat. This new distribution is used for every new Linux install.
CleanPort founds NextIdentity (in house development and hosting services, a.o. ISP Webmanager)    
  March 2008  
    Tesla starts producing the Roadster
  June 2008  
Tesla announces the Model S    
  October 2008  
    T-Mobile G1: the first-ever Android device
IAF B.V. gets a sister company: Twents Datacentrum BV (TDC)    
    IAF B.V. became one of the most modern full service ISP’s outside the conurbation of Western Holland. IAF accommodated their IT infrastructure in the data center of sister company Twents Datacentrum (TDC) in Enschede, Netherlands, in favor of remarkably high performance and best durability.
A data center on the Marssteden in Enschede was build and in November IAF moved there.
IAF even constructed its own fiber network in the Enschede Business & Science Park. At first just for its own connections, but the route and number of clients has been, and still is being expanded
  October 2015  
Tesla introduces autopilot for its Model S    
  January 2016  
    Take-over data center ISP Services in Doetinchem by NovoServe