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Clouds are a network of servers. Every server has its own duty. Some are meant for storing and accessing data. Others are being used to provide an online service. Google Drive and Adobe Creative Cloud are examples of cloud services.

But next to that, there are way more (and quite different) clouds meant for high performance and as solutions for great business demands. It works like a ‘normal’ computer, with the main differences being that the physical’computer’ is not in your home or office, but at your hosting company; and you generally share the capacity of a physical server with other business’ or people’s clouds. No worries though, these physical servers are so high performing, you’d never notice it. And your data is completely separated from their data, making sure your data is safe: it’s completely impossible to access other people’s data on the same server. This is the kind of cloud NovoServe hosts.

A high available Virtual Private Server is usually called a cloud too. This is not just a computer, but once again a network of computers, meant to be always online and fast.