For the best performance and heavy duty tasks, nothing beats a dedicated server. At NovoServe, you can configure – or let us configure – them exactly to fit your needs. Dedicated servers are a flexible solution to suit your demands. And you are able to combine your dedicated server solution with other products and services, like Virtual Private Clouds.

Not sure about the best configuration? Our team is ready to give you the best advice, or configure the ultimate solution together with you. All you need: no more, no less, yet scalable to changing needs.

We have dedicated servers and server parts in stock, so we can immediately start delivery. If we don’t have everything to suit your configuration, we will make sure we get it very soon, to start delivery ASAP.

We use a standard installation on every dedicated server we supply, Linux or Windows, but everything is negotiable. NovoServe delivers what you need.

Considering focusing on your core business and never having to worry about the technical aspects of your server ever again? Check out our excellent managed services. We are specialized in listening to your needs and translating them into clear technical solutions that match all your requirements, such as high performance, continuity and reliability.

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