Herke Plantenga

Serial internet entrepreneur since 1999. Currently founder/owner/director at NovoServe since May 2016. I have a love for technology and people. My specialties are building and managing teams that are excited to become the very best in the business.

Typically me:

  • My first computer was an Atari 600XL, 16K memory. Oh, the suffering!
  • My favorite movie is Star Wars – The Return of the Jedi. I was 9 years old and blown away by this…
  • The most distinctive thing about me is that I don’t take a no for an answer easily. I’ll try and make it work, every way I can, but by staying away from the dark side.

Boudewijn ten Boom
Manager Operations

IT Cook since 2012. Currently team lead/manager Technical Operations at NovoServe since January 2016. I’m passionate about new IT flavors and combining them into a new recipe for our clients. IT must be an enjoyable and supporting part of our day-to-day lives. Not all solutions are pre-built, and that’s what makes our job this interesting!

Typically me:

  • My first computer ran Windows 95. Nothing special, until I build my first Counter Strike machine based on Windows 2000. In a later stadium my first server was Gentoo based.
  • My favorite movie is… well an all-time favorite is still Gladiator, but lately I’m more a TV show kind of guy.
  • The most distinctive thing about me is that I believe there is always a solution, even though it might seem really hard to find at first. Plus the fact that I’m a huge fan of building creations with Lego (with or without the instructions).

Manuel Schrik
Full stack Engineer

Working in IT since 1994. Currently full STACK engineer at NovoServe since 2016. Book collector, juggler and proud father. My speciality is thinking outside the box and thinking of creative solutions.

Typically me:

  • My first computer was an Atari 600 XL
  • My favorite book(s) are the Dark Tower series (Stephen King)
  • The most distinctive thing about me is that, no matter what, I always try to stay positive. There has to be seriously something wrong to get me in a bad mood.

Tim van der Leeden
Full stack Engineer

Started my professional IT career in 2008 – being a tech enthusiast since I was a little kid.

Typically me:

  • My first computer was a Compaq ProLinea 4/50
  • Always trying to make things better and think ahead
  • Interested in a very broad range of technology – it’s always cool to discover new things

Martijn Akkerman
Account Manager

In sales since 1998 and with NovoServe as an accountmanger since 2016. My specialty is that I will allways look for what drives a customer in order to deliver the best solution. Married and proud father of two. Also like going out and about with friends.

Typically me:

  • First computer was a Dell Dimension 8300 2.8GHz
  • I love Star Trek, and all scienefiction movies/series in general
  • Game and VR enthusiast (especially racing)
  • Big fan of Formula 1

Syed I. UL Haq
Business Development Manager

Account Management since 2006. Currently Business Development Manager at NovoServe since October 2016. I am deeply attached to my family. My specialities are all around Sales: Account Management & New Business development.

Typically me:

  • My first computer was a Sony Vaio Notebook in 1998.
  • My favorite movie is What About Bob.
  • The most distinctive thing about me is that I’m a motivator (the world has enough critics already!) I like to believe. 🙂

Alina Polyak
Business Development Manager

At NovoServe since summer 2016. My specialty is finding new customers and partners for NovoServe in Eastern Europe and Israel. Making them feel welcome and making sure they stay our customers in the long run.

  • The most distinctive thing about me is that I try to keep learning and keep discovering things. It helps me in my work, because there is a lot to learn every day.