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Reseller Partner Program

Our Reseller Partner Program provides competitive discounts that lead to higher margins and a significantly larger market share.

As a cloud service provider, managed service provider, or streaming service provider, you build your technology or platform solutions using our dedicated 'bare metal' servers. Or, as an ISP, you offer these servers dedicated to the end-user.

You may be a niche reseller in a specialized industry or market or an established value-added reseller. Either way, this simple revenue-based program gives you access to the benefits you need to begin building and offering your IT solutions to your clients. “The partner program for the professionals.”
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Program Benefits

Joining our Reseller Partner Program gives your business access to major benefits:

  • Competitive discount* structure
  • Exclusive promotions on NovoServe services
  • Additional discounts on bulk purchases
  • Upgraded support services from NovoServe
  • Flexible monthly contracts
  • Designated account manager
*Discounts do not apply to one-time fees, service levels, software licenses, IPv4, promotions and any other discounted services.

Program Requirements

  • Have a website where you offer your services
  • Have a verifiable company, email address, phone number and address
  • Sign up with NovoServe’s Reseller Partner Agreement
  • Provide technical support to your clients
  • Provide billing and customer support to your clients
  • Receive and promptly resolve SPAM and abuse reports of your clients
  • Operate your servers by using your IP space and ASN**
**You are allowed to use third-party IP space. For example, by leasing it from an IP broker.

“If you’re interested in reselling compelling hosting solutions or bringing highly competitive hosting offerings to the global market in record time, our Reseller Partner Program is the place for you!”

Roy Premchand (CCO, NovoServe)

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Collaboration between NovoServe and Jetserver; a fruitful partnership.

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Reseller Financial Benefits

Program Level Monthly Revenue Monthly Discount Setup Fee Discount SLA Included
Rising Star € 999-1.999 10% 100% SLA 2
Star € 2000-9.999 20% 100% SLA 2
Rockstar € 10.000-39.999 25% 100% SLA 3
Superstar € 40.000-79.999 30% 100% SLA 4
Supernova € 80.000+ 35% 100% SLA 4


Your monthly recurring payment to NovoServe has reached a minimum of €999, becoming a 'Rising Star.' You will receive a promo code enabling you to order servers with a 10% discount and qualify for SLA 1. When you increase your monthly recurring payment to €2.000 or more, your promo code will be updated, enabling you to order additional servers with a 20% discount, and you'll qualify for SLA 2. Please note that the discount level you have reached does not apply to all services at a particular moment.

Service Level (Upgrades)

SLA MRC Response Time*** Hardware Replacement***
3 € 500 4 Hours 9 Hours
4 € 750 2 Hours 6 Hours
5 € 1000 1 Hours 3 Hours
***The conditions, including specifications and performance metrics, as per our Service Level Agreement, are applicable.


Do you have questions about our Reseller Partner Program or wish to apply? Fill in the form and we will get back to you.

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