To be sure of excellent performance and fast storage, we use outstanding and modern hardware in our servers. Because we reserve resources for your VPS on our servers, you are guaranteed of excellent performance and maximum flexibility. And, of course, the expertise of our excited staff is always at your disposal.

You can change the resources, or request a new VPS at all times. No long-term contracts, but the flexibility to change the specifications of your Virtual Private Server to your ever changing needs. Do you need more than one VPS, for more resources or increasing demands? Nothing stands in your way to quickly expand your number of VPS’s.

NovoServe guarantees high uptime, thanks to the possibility of failover to another server.

Our VPS Cluster is designed to ensure continuity. Therefore, in all areas, redundancy is applied so that a fast failover capability is always available in case of disturbance in the equipment or in the network. NovoServe continuously monitors the functioning operation of the entire infrastructure and will ensure that your VPS is always accessible.

Whether you need a Linux or Windows VPS, we always have the most appropriate solution for you. For all major Linux distributions, including CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian, you can be sure of fast deployment.

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