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How to manage high volume with minimal latency?

Thursday October 6th from 2.00 till 3.00 pm (CEST)

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How fast is lightning-fast? To become a streaming leader you want to manage high volumes of viewers with minimal latency. A few years ago, the world of streaming focused on reducing latency to single-digit seconds. Now, we are talking about milliseconds. On October 6th, in our webinar, we show you how to:

  • tailor your systems, infrastructure, and initiatives to the needs of clients and markets,
  • optimize everything, from ingestion to client-side firewall,
  • find partners to align roadmaps, test hardware, and share performance data with.

With our streaming clients, we work towards minimizing latency in the industries that need it, such as live sports, online gaming, auctions, and so on. Ceeblue is one of those clients.

Ceeblue has brought together decades of network, cloud, and streaming video know-how to create the most scalable end-to-end solution for sub-500ms live video. By providing them with both live transcoding as well as delivery, they can provide customers with a seamless viewing experience.

Subscribe to our webinar on October 6th from 2.00 till 3.00 pm (CEST) and find out all you need to know.

Who are presenting this webinar

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Phil Chamberlain
Sales NovoServe
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Rens Ariens
CTO NovoServe
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Lawton Cheney
CCO Ceeblue

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